A downloadable game

This is going to be a multi mode vehicle shooting game.

Design goals include both target shooting and and PvP combat modes.

Online and local multiplayer.

Multiple single player modes with online leaderboard.

Destructable terrain.

[1/11/2017] Major update. Multiple game modes added. UI fixed up quite a bit.

Install instructions

Download and run the standalone executable for windows PC.

Controls as follows,

Tab shifts between shot mode and movement mode.

In movement mode left and right move the tank 5px.
Holding Ctrl removes the single step count move freely.

In shot mode

up and down raise and lower angle 1 point.
left and right lower and raise shot power 1 point.
Holding Ctrl removes the single step limit.

Ctrl + C enters and exits camera mode

Space fires a shot.

R resets the guide lines.


Tank1-2.exe 5 MB

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